Osiris Acevedo
Aide - Library / Media
Guetty Eugene
Aide - ESE
Katia Isidore
Aide - 1B
Maritza Point-du-jour
Aide - KA
Blanca Ribalta
Aide - KB
Excarlet Santana
Aide - 2A & 2B


Icelsa Basden
Cafeteria Staff
Sigourney Cobbs
Cafeteria Staff
Sophronia Parris
Cafeteria Manager
Leashone Tariq
Cafeteria Staff


Sr. Catherine Grace , SCTJM
Middle School Religion / HR 7B
Richardy Blanchard
Drama / Music
Lisette Castillo
Teacher Kinder A
Florence Clerval
Middle School Math / HR 7A1
Br. John Corcoran
Middle School Writing Adv./ Tutor
Gabriela Del Castillo
Middle School Social Studies/ HR 6B
Juana Diaz
Felicia Ellington
Middle School Science / HR 6A
Kevin Garcia
Middle School Advance Math / HR 7A2
Yazmin Garcia
Teacher Kinder B
Yamira Gonzalez
Middle School ELA (Writing) / HR 8B
Carmen Hilburn
4th Grade Math & Science / HR 4AB
Michaelle Joseph
4th Grade ELA-SS-Handwriting / HR 4BA
Briana Martinez
Teacher 2A
Clautilde Maurice
Teacher 2B
Christine Mcglory
PE/Health (Girls)
William Moses
PE/Health (Boys) / Athletic Director
Emetrail Norris
ESE (K-5th)
Tamara Obionu
Teacher 1B ALL (Handwriting)
Leslie Reese
Teacher 1A
Ana Robinson
3rd Grade Math & Science/ HR 3AB
Marina Stabenau
ESE (6th - 8th)
Melony Tomlinson
5th Grade Math & Science / HR 5BA


Andisley Olea
Maintenance Director
Carlos Rodriguez


Kevin Gibson
Counselor(Catapult) 6th - 8th
Christine Grossi
Counselor (Catapult) K - 2nd
Roger Maurice
Office Assistant / Aftercare
Saymar Nelligan
IT Director
Maria Nieves
Administrative Assistant
Suzie Pierre
Aide - 1A
Janet Rodriguez
School Finance / Lunch Program
Camilla Tamargo
Counselor (Catapult) 3rd-5th

St. Mary’s employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees, have at least 3 years of teaching experience in public or private schools, or have special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in subjects taught.

Ethics in Education