Primary (Kinder - 2nd Grade)

St. Mary's students are provided with various opportunities to promote cognitive, social emotional, creative development, and spiritual growth. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking and creative writing techniques to expand their knowledge in all subject areas.  All students are individually assessed through small group instruction, oral communication, and class participation, allowing teachers to track individual student progress. Our program strives to foster a creative learning environment that encourages interaction with peers and adults in a faith based community. 

Elementary (3rd - 5th Grade)

Our 3rd – 5th grade program is committed to developing basic skills, mastery of content areas and maintaining an enthusiasm for learning. Our students learn the fundamentals of reading, process writing, mathematics and English through a logical progressive sequence. There is an added emphasis on organizational skills as individual oral and written reports are required. Our goal is to make our students capable of productive, independent work and success when they progress into Middle School.

Middle School (6th - 8th Grade)

The middle school curriculum, while continuing to emphasize reading, writing, mathematics, natural sciences, social studies, and religion, challenges students to develop more advanced mastery of these subjects. Students are also encouraged to broaden their interests by participating to their fullest in the arts, and physical education. Computer literacy is integrated into coursework throughout the year. Spiritual, physical, social and academic growth is cultivated throughout the students' many activities. Our curriculum helps ensure that students are prepared for the increased academic demands of high school.
St. Mary’s Cathedral School offers students a rigorous, faith-centered education. The diverse curriculum includes:
  • Accredited Preschool through 8th grade program
  • Dynamic preschool program
  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • I-Pad integrated curriculum
  • Foreign Language
  • Computer lab
  • Weekly Mass
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Accelerated Reader program
  • National School Lunch program
  • Special Education Program
  • Enrichment and Extracurricular programs
  • Tuition assistance available through Early Learning Coalition
  • We accept Step Up for Students and Mc Kay Scholarships